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There are very good reasons to start consuming chia seeds. For example, if you are dieting, chia seeds are very popular for weight loss. When chia seeds are combined with liquids such as water, milk, juice, or yogurt, they form a gel due to the soluble fiber they contain, which helps us feel full longer and also lowers blood sugar levels. .

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Andean Republic's organic chia has a high omega 3 content that helps transport nutrients to the body, improving metabolism, it also contains antioxidants, magnesium and fiber. This superfood is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. Organic chia seeds contain components that are beneficial for health.



Chia is used as a dietary supplement, an ingredient in food, for hydration, in the cosmetics industry and personal care products. It is important to note that although chia is considered safe for consumption in general, it is advisable to speak with a health professional before taking it as a supplement or to treat any ailment.

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Bolivian resource

This food is produced mainly in eastern Bolivia, although it can also germinate in the valleys. At the moment it is planted in the eastern part of Santa Cruz, in the municipalities of Pailón, Cuatro Cañadas and San Julián. "We estimate that for this campaign there are some 55,000 hectares of chia, the majority concentrated in these municipalities of Santa Cruz"

Paraguayan resource

Chia is an herbaceous plant that has been cultivated in Paraguay for centuries. Today, chia has become an important crop in the country, with production mainly concentrated in the department of Cordillera - Paraguay


Chia seeds